Pure Fascination "made in Berlin"

Vernissages and exhibitions
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Grand performances require instinct and expertise. XXLPIX is by your side from the start up to the day of your event, personally advising you throughout your entire project.


The European Lab

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Pictures created with passion for detail reveal their ultimate potential with our high grade production. XXLPIX provides professional photographers with impeccable lab work as well as with Marketing support. That's why more than 80 % of our customers would recommend us to their colleagues.*

*According to customer survey 11/2013


Luxurious Class.

Perfect pictures on acrylic glass

Acrylic glass is at the moment the most sought after base material in photography. On acrylic glass your photo will have vibrant colours, high contrasts, as well as a glossy and elegant surface. Diamond polished edges give your artwork an astonishingly vivid look.


Precision down to the smallest detail

The lastest technology and 8 years experience for the perfect picture.


Already more than
4100 online shops

and websites run by photographers and photo studios use XXLPIX software.

Find out more about how you can successfully sell your work online.


Canvas photo

Acrylglas-Foto Printed on premium canvas then stretched onto a wooden frame, it is the most popular product for large formats. Find out more about our canvas prints and about their production.

Professional large formats are available in over 150 canvas sizes and two alluring frame thicknesses. Standard sizes are available for delivery within 24 hours.


Acrylglas-Foto This robust and premium quality material brilliantly captures and reproduces your images. The two different Alu-dibond finishes make it a highly sought-after product.

Prints on Alu-Dibond are available as laminates or as direct prints. The aluminium surface comes in two different styles, white semi-matte or brush-finished.

Acrylic glass

Acrylglas-Foto Currently the most attractive material used for photo prints. Its highly brilliant finish makes it the trendiest product on offer. Choose from two different types of acrylic glass .

Prints on acrylic glass are available in many sizes and formats, all ready for delivery within 24 hours. Photos on plexiglass are available on 3 mm or 8 mm acrylic glass.

Premium Composite

Acrylglas-Foto In terms of large format reproductions, it is the highest quality technique used by photo labs. The combination of the most premium materials make the Premium Composite the most accurate product in picture reproduction.

Photos on premium composite are available in a number of varieties. The complex process of fusing aluminium, plexiglass and photo exposure takes at least 6 days.

Expertise for pro photographes from the photo lab.

Studies and marketing for pro-photographers

Case study of the photo exhibition “automobile fascination”

case study Every week we realise photo exhibitions all around Europe for our pro photographers. Download the free PDF file and discover more in our current photo exhibition case study. Directly to the photo exhibition case study

Arrangement of a photo exhibition with the free project plan

case study Even experienced professional photographers and artists use our knowledge for planning a photo exhibition. Read in our article “Arrange a photo exhibition” on what you need to pay attention. To the article Plan your photo exhibition